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Individual 401K Management

401(K) And Other Retirement Plans

Storehouse Financial establishes and maintains retirement plans for individuals and businesses. We offer all types of retirement plans including:

  • Solo 401(k) and Solo defined benefit plans for self-employed individuals
  • 401(k), profit sharing, cash balance and other retirement plans for businesses
  • SEP, SIMPLE, Roth and traditional IRAs

Storehouse Financial can also manage your 401k account at your place of work. Many individuals save for retirement through their company 401k or other retirement plans, but most do not have the time and/or interest to manage and monitor their investment choices. Storehouse Financial will manage your 401k or company retirement plan for you. Every month, Storehouse will evaluate your 401k and make changes as necessary to protect capital and improve performance.

Storehouse Will:

  • Choose the investment options that have the greatest potential for gain in the current economic environment.
  • Move to more conservative investment options to avoid bear market losses.
  • Rebalance your portfolio for you.

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